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Angel Intuitive and Psychic Medium Jo Anna


I am a medium, born natural clairvoyant, channeler. I am able to tap into energy and receive messages and visions about current situations or issues that anyone might have. I speak directly with spirit to receive this information and details that they would like for you to know. A conscious channeler and trance channeler, sometimes spirit will speak directly through me. I receive visions as I am doing your reading. Imagine a movie that you are watching; because this is how I get my visions. They can be an event or just a person that is in your life. This all depends on the message that your spirit guides want to give to me.

During the reading, you can expect confirmation of what I am seeing. I always like to confirm with a yes or no from you that I am seeing the correct person or situation. Now as we all know that timelines can always be off…or we can delay things or speed them up. On the other side, there is no time!!  I will give timelines but…

With over thirty years’ experience, I have worked with many different groups all over the world. I do not use any tools during my readings since I channel the information from your angels and your guides. If you have any pictures, please have them ready during the question part of your reading. Please have time before and after the reading to reflect on the information that is given to you. We are all going through changes in consciousness, so try to prepare for a reading. Taking the time to write down all your questions before a reading is advisable. Taking the time to reflect on your thoughts and energy before the reading is important. Be aware that a few days after your session you may feel different. The range of emotions that you experience could be extensive. You could be releasing anger, so you feel angrier for a time. You could be releasing sadness that came up in this reading. It could be that you are now able to move through an unconscious block, so you are experiencing freedom. This could bring about extreme joy or the fear of the unknown. These reactions are neither right nor wrong; they are simply a part of the process.

Remember, I am just the messenger for your information. Sometimes you may not like what you hear, but then again, you may not always like what you hear from an honest friend. Keep in mind that you are looking for information that comes from the heart and is truthful. Your questions are simply being answered through my help.  

I am also adding astrology and I will be offering reports. I believe that having an imprint of who you are and what is going on in the cosmos is extremely important. As above so below. This is a guide for your future. For setting up new businesses, love, or just a life transformation. Astrology has a lot to offer you in terms of looking at the time in your life and the what is available for you and what are the challenges at that time. I can add astrology to your reading but you would add some extra time for this, at least 30 minutes. You would need to email all your information beforehand. Date of birth, time of birth, the city that you were born in, and the city you are currently living in.

These gifts have been in my family for over three generations. I had studied it as a child. My Mother and grandmother had the gift of seeing. Some spiritualist can only feel as they do a reading. I can feel, see spirit, hear and I am an extremely empath. I can communicate with passed loved ones. I do astrology, numerology, and have an understanding of dreams and their meaning. If you have questions and just would like to learn about these gifts, I would be happy to help you. As long as you understand that when I do my readings and spirit tells me a message, I am straight forward and honest and tell you what I see. I will not hold back, and it wouldn’t matter if others told you something different. Spirit speaks and I deliver the details you are supposed to get during your reading.

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